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Our company is based on four pillars

Quality products

All our phones are original, unlocked and have the usual guarantee.

Incredible prices

All our products count on prices difficult to find somewhere else.


We thing the key for success is giving all the customers the service they deserve.


We solve all the problems that could arise after purchasing here.

kike is the fouder of Orihuela Costa Phone Shop

Our philosophy


Orihuela Costa Phone Shop was founded in May 2017 by Kike, who was always clear that he wanted to be the owner of a different business, different from the others. Since its opening, special emphasis has been placed on the quality of customer service, something that not every business can say. And the thing is that for us, service is everything. Many stores sell practically the same products at similar prices, and for us, the right way to differentiate ourselves is with excellent customer service.

Many businesses of all kinds that we know are focused on the sale of the product or service in question. For them, their relationship with the customer ends there because afterwards, there is nothing else, there is no after-sales service either.

In our store in Cabo Roig you will always get honest advice from us. If your phone deserves to be exchanged, we will tell you. The same thing that we will discourage doing when it does not apply. Exactly the same for repairs, we will give you our opinion on whether or not it is worth repairing the mobile based on parameters such as age or acquisition price.

When you buy a phone in our business we take care of transferring all the information from the old device to the new one so that you do not lose any information in the change. Many people are reluctant to change phones due to the possibility of losing something in the change. With us you don’t have to worry about anything as we take care of everything.

We also configure the mobile phone, an action that does not entail any additional cost to you, and we configure the main applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook.


Lifetime help


In addition, you can visit our store at any time and we will answer your questions by offering you our free help. Many clients know of the tranquility that comes from knowing that you have someone to ask your questions and they have become regular clients, having recommended us to their neighbors and relatives. Our relationship with the client, therefore, does not end at the time of sale, but lasts over time. Each and every one of the times that the client visits our business with doubts, these will be clarified.

We firmly believe that this is the way to do things and we will continue to do so for many years to come.

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We sell Digi sim cards

Move your number to DIGI mobil for free and start saving

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Digi in the beginning


We sell sim cards from the Romanian operator Digi, who was established in Spain in the middle of the last decade trying to be the answer to the thousands of Romanian citizens who were already residing in Spain at that time.

Little by little and over the years, its customer base has grown dramatically, reaching more than 2 million customers, which is a huge success as it is a low-cost company that barely spends money on advertisements in the press, radio and television.


digi sim cards in orihuela costa

The basis of its success, for which Orihuela Costa Phone shop is an official distributor, is because it is transparent and has an offer without tricks or fine print and excellent customer service, which solves any possible doubts that the user may have.


Digi nowadays


Since the inception of the store, we have noticed an increase in the demand for sim cards from this operator as it has become more known to the general public. Before it was more about offering them to customers because they did not know the company. Over time, many customers come to the store precisely for a digi sim.

They have different plans that include internet and national or international calls, being one of the first operators in Spain that allowed you to accumulate unused Gigabytes for the following month.


We have a technical repair service for mobile phones, tablets and computers, which can solve problems on your devices quickly and reliably. Mobile phones are devices that offer possibilities but they are still machines that sometimes have to be repaired, either by our action, a fall or a blow or by the passage of time.


In our repairs we always offer a no-obligation estimate in advance. We consider it important that the client knows in advance how much the repair of his mobile will cost so that he can evaluate whether he is interested in undertaking the repair or not.


The diagnosis of the phone itself is free and after carrying it out we can tell you what the fault is and the cost of the corresponding repair and know whether or not you want to repair it. Yes, it is true that we have a limit of 50 euros below which all repairs are carried out without the need to obtain approval from the client. We inform, how could it be otherwise to the client of this fact before proceeding with the device.


We carry out all kinds of repairs on Iphone and Android phones. We are referring to screen changes, the most common among all of them, battery changes, charging connector changes, repairing wet mobile phones, in short, solving all the problems that your phone could have.

We create web pages like this





We sell mobile phones


Our telephones are free and available to use tihe all the carriers.


You’ll find here only best brands original devices.

Set up

We set up the telephone for you for free.


We give lifetime support for devices bought in this shop.

We have a wide range of Android phones from brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or Realme. In other words, the brands with the highest sales volume internationally.


We have specialized in the entry and middle range, offering our clients in Orihuela Costa 30 smartphone models to choose from with prices ranging from 89 euros to 200 or 250. We track the market in search of the best phones that meet those price limitations and we add them to our catalog.


We have 10 Samsung models for sale, the cheap Samsung phones, we could say, although we can also get the premium ones on request, yes. Since the store’s inception, we have clearly bet on the Korean company and we maintain our commitment to this day.


Our mobiles are all new and come with the usual 2-year warranty. If over time it is shown that they have a factory defect, we will help you manage it and we will notify you when the phone is ready for you to come and pick it up.


All our phones are free and dual sim, a fact that makes life tremendously easier for our customers, since they can have both the card of their country and the card they use in Spain at the same time.


When buying a phone in our store, the transfer of all the information from the old device to the new one as well as its configuration is included in the price. In the same way, if you need help at any time with your new phone, we will be at your disposal to answer your questions and that will not cost you any money.

We sell Lobster sim cards

The full english mobile

We sell sim cards from the lobster mobile operator that began its journey not long ago in Spain.


Its offer is focused almost exclusively on expatriates or people of British origin who spend a large part of the year in our country offering a service 100% in English, which makes things much easier for them.


From the beginning it has had a very good reception and they have been adding clients until reaching several thousand of them.

Over the years they have been improving the offer in line with the rest of the companies that operate in the Spanish state, especially with regard to the amount of Gigabytes available in each of the packages they offer.


They currently offer three plans with the common denominator of national and international calls (to some countries) and unlimited text messages. The difference between them lies in the amount of internet available in each one of them.



We do printing and laminating in A4 and A3 sizes getting professional service.



We do Top Ups of the main national and internatrional operators


We are RIA Money Transfer and SMALL WORLD official agents