Samsung phones for sale


It is known by many people that Samsung is one of the world’s leading electronics brands with a hard-earned reputation over the years. The same thing happens in the mobile phone market and the Korean brand is perhaps one of the main strongholds together with its competitor Apple.

If we refer only to phones with Android operating system, Apple has its own operating system, Samsung is, without a doubt, the world benchmark. In some countries companies like Xiaomi or Huawei overshadow it, but if we speak globally, none of them has the prestige and level of sales.


Samsung phones for sale


How many Samsung phones are for sale nowadays?


In recent years we have witnessed a change in strategy by the company, we understand that it was motivated by increased competition, expanding its catalog of Samsung phones for sale at a given time in a very striking way.

When we opened the store 4 years ago in Cabo Roig, Orihuela Costa, taking into account our philosophy of selling cheap phones as they are appreciated by our potential customers, we only had 3 Samsung models for sale. I clearly remember that they were the J3, J5 and J7 models from 2016. Apart from these there were the Samsung A3 and A5, which we never had on our shelves. As flagship then the famous Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 + were sold. These models were not on our shelves either, but I have to say that we sold some to order.

If we travel in time 4 years to the present, the situation has changed drastically and a large part of our shelves are occupied by Samsung phones, being the brand with the largest presence in them.

There are currently around 8 models that do not exceed 200 euros and we can say with satisfaction that all of them are part of our offer. The rotation is quite high, new models go on sale within a few months.

Apart from these there are other Samsung phone models for sale that are not listed in our catalog that we do offer upon request.


How much do Samsung mobiles cost?


Nowadays having a Samsung mobile does not necessarily imply spending a lot of money because, as we said before, the supply of Samsung mobiles has increased enormously and there are phones for all budgets.

Come one day to our store in Cabo Roig and you will be amazed by our wide range of cheap Samsung phones to buy. In all models we include the initial configuration and all the help you may need with it in your day to day.


Which Samsung phone is right for me?


There are several parameters to pay attention to when buying your new mobile regardless of its brand. There are people, for example, who love to take photos of the sunsets on the beach of La Zenia or of the flamingos in the pink lagoon of Torrevieja who will pay special attention to the characteristics of the camera and perhaps also, for sure, to the storage capacity of the device, because the higher the storage capacity, the more photos can be saved in the phone memory.

For others perhaps more important is the battery, the fluidity with which the phone works or even the resolution of the screen. Each person is different and today we can almost say that there is a different Samsung phone for each person.

Buying a Samsung sim free phone in Orihuela Costa Phone Shop

Getting the phone in our shop adds more benefits

Your data

We move your contacts and photos to the new device

Set Up

You don’t need to worry, we del with the set up of your phone

Lifetime Support

We provide all the help you may need with your new device

Where can I buy cheap Samsung phones?


Without a doubt, for price and advice, the place you are looking for is ORIHUELA COSTA PHONE SHOP in Cabo Roig. We will clearly explain the differences between the different phone models and we will help you choose the one that best suits the one you need.


Are samsung phones in orihuela costa phone shop sim free?


Of course. Although we also sell sim cards from operators such as Lobster and Digi, our phones are free and will work with any national or foreign operator.





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